Software for Image Analysis

Skipper is a comprehensive Java-based image processing package that was primarily developed for scientific research, allowing researchers to automatically categorize, measure, and enumerate tiny objects such as bacteria and other aquatic organisms. The software has multiple algorithms implemented for the automatic enumeration of bacteria, plankton, and other organisms, which makes the processing of multiple images fast and removes the aspect of human bias in counting. They work equally well for images (photographs) derived from astronomy, biology, geology, physics, and other fields of research. Various image processing functions, such as Gaussian blur, contrast manipulation, spatial convolutions with userdefined convolution masks, erosion, sharpening, mean and median filtering, edge detection, and others are also included and can be used to enhance the image quality. The program allows researchers to organize their images into a single project and produce printable reports that contain useful statistics about the obtained data. Multiple images can be overlaid and the data compared automatically, ensuring accurate tagging of cells that fluoresce. Skipper has an open architecture that allows researchers to add their own enumeration and image filtering functions as plug-ins.


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